Find the Right Lot for Your New Home

Find the Right Lot for Your New Home

We find home lots for sale in Grand Junction, CO

Where your house is built is just as important as how your house built. Pinnacle Homes Inc. will seek out beautiful locations and find lots for sale that meet your needs. Our company purchases lots for clients all the time. We also have pre-purchased home lots that are available if you want to start construction ASAP.

You can trust us to take care of everything for you. Contact our team in Grand Junction, CO today to talk about available lots for sale in the area.

We've built highly regarded subdivisions in Colorado

Although we build homes all over western Colorado, we're particularly proud of a handful of subdivisions we've created. Our list of subdivisions includes:

Arrowhead Acres

Wildwood Estates

Stone Mountain Estates

Unaweep Heights

Hawks Nest

Stone Ridge

We currently have spec homes and lots for sale in our Brookfield subdivision that's located at 21 ½ Rd and I Rd in Grand Junction, CO. Call 970-812-1129 today to learn more about our available home lots.