Build a Home That's Completely Unique

We offer specialized home design services in Grand Junction, CO

A blueprint lays out every detail of your home design. This schematic is vital to the construction of your home. Pinnacle Homes Inc. will create a blueprint that includes everything you want in your new house. Our process begins with perfecting the blueprint design before moving on to construction. If you're ready to build your home in Grand Junction, CO, call 970-812-1129 now.

We'll adjust your blueprint design to match your vision

We'll adjust your blueprint design to match your vision

Don't throw away a home design just because it isn't perfect. If you have a blueprint design you love but need to tweak a few things, reach out to Pinnacle Homes for help. Our knowledgeable team can take any existing idea and turn it into a blueprint that will fit your needs. We also have experience updating blueprints to fit within state and county requirements.

We'll use your existing blueprint design as a foundation and create a home that has everything you're looking for. Contact our team today to talk about your current blueprint design with a local pro.

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